Gifts for the Busy Toddler

Gifts for the Busy Toddler

Ah, the kiddos. They are also so easy to get stumped on and go over you budget on.  We follow the 4 gift rule of something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read.  But that doesn’t mean the gifts have to be BORING!  These gifts are perfect for that toddler who NEVER sits still!

From top left:

Play Kitchen– Imaginary play is always a sure bet.  This one is wood and can be painted to match your own kitchen.

3-in-1 Sports Set – This is a favorite in our house.  It’s adjustable and easy transported.

Crawling Tunnel– Brandon is OBSESSED his.  He plays hide and seek for hours- and Lily will even join in!

Vacuum – I wish this had existed when Lily was younger.  She had a toy vacuum that sucked up plastic balls. This guy actually cleans your floors.  Imaginative play AND a clean hallway?  YES PLEASE!

Wooden Blocks – These serve as a sorting, stacking, and puzzle game.  Brandon prefers these over big Legos since they don’t stick together. Plus these are magnetic!

Ball Tapper – Ball toys are so fun at this age.  We love this one for when we are ‘working’ outside.

Ball Popper– This has been GOLD.  GOLD, I tell you.  Hours of playtime and Lily and the adults love it too!

Sorting Hedgehog – I love a good wooden puzzle, but they can get ‘boring’ quickly.  This hedgehog lets your kiddo come up with new patterns and designs each time.

Play tent – From hide-and-seek to playing house, a tent is an imaginary play’s delight.  We have an older version of this one and it doesn’t fall down with repeated use.

Turtle Toss– Indoor ball throwing is a big no, but a beanbag?  OH YES!

Broom Set – If you are nervous about an actual vacuum, this set of cleaning toys is a great choice.  I loved these when Lily was younger and now Brandon loves them too.  We would sweep and mop the family room for hours!

MagnaTiles -Do you know how much a Lego hurts to step on?  Me too.  That’s why I love these.  Build without the pain?  I’ll take em.  They also are magnetized, so no breaking a nail trying to pry a piece apart!

Piano – There are a lot of blinky electric pianos out there, and i don’t like them at ALL.  This one is tuned to sound pleasant, and no electronics involved.  It’s pricier but it will last for ears (ours in 10 years old!).



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