Gifts for the Working Gal

Gifts for the working gal!

This one is near and dear to my heart.  As a self-proclaimed workaholic, I have and use all of these both from home and in the office.  These are a few of my favorite gifts for the working gal!

1 – Cordless curling wand

YES, you read that right!  This is perfect for those of us who are always a few minutes behind.  This wand works without the need for an outlet and fits in a tote bag for ease.

2 – One step dryer

Speaking of always needing a few extra minutes.  This cuts dry time in HALF and gives amazing volume.  I also keep one in a gym bag for a quick refresh after a workout.

3 – Desktop heater

For whatever reason, offices (and now my house) have the AC pumping in the cooler months.  This desktop space heater is sleek looking and low profile so you can easily aim it toward  fingers to keep extra warm.

4 – Ruana

I keep one of these draped over my office chair.  Forget a cardigan? Spill on your shirt? Need a blanket?  This fits the bill for all of these and more.

5 – Charging bracelet

Perfect for those gals who use their phone for everything from emails to video calls.  This iPhone charger is cleverly disguised as a bracelet, so you never have to search for it or lug around a cord.

6 – Phone bank

Not a jewelry gal, this phone bank stores enough juice for a full charge and then some.  This is ideal to tuck into a planner or tote bag.

7 – Blue light glasses

I don’t know about you, but i have been staring at screens a TON more this year and my eyes are not happy.

8 – iPad charger

Speaking of screens, this charger works perfectly for those times when you need to work but have no outlet. This holds a full charge for an iPad.

9 – Sleek desk accessories

Since working from home is not my favorite thing, desk accessories that are nice to look at and functional have made some of the hard moments more bearable.  I love these for their design and their organization.

10 – The perfect tote

I have used this tote for a few years along with its insert and have never looked back.  This holds everything from my laptop and folders to a water bottle and personal items.  The insert has special pockets for everything and the leather on the bag holds up beautifully.

11 – Commuter shoes

Have you ever been late to a meeting and still been in your commuter sneakers?  Me too.  These flats are the perfect commuter shoe (they are quilted inside) and look great with any outfit so nobody will be the wiser!

12 – Straw tumbler

I love a hydroflask like the next gal, but I have found carrying this specific tumbler around has resulted in better overall water consumption.  Plus it fits well in my tote.

13 – Note pads

For as much as I love technology, I am still old school when it comes to memos, notes, and the like.   These are great for people like me who are always all over the place.



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