January Beauty Favorites

I suppose I should start this off by saying this January was rough for my skin.  I am used to the traditional California winter where it rains more than half the time and isn’t colder than 50 degrees.  Not this year.  It was DRY and COLD.  My skin was NOT happy, and it was thirsty and dull.  I found myself reaching for hydrating products and products that brightened and made me look like I slept (mom life!).


Tula Everything

I’ll start it off with a few products that surprised the heck out of me.  Tula.  I have seen Tula for several years and never tried it.  So when I received their kit, I decided to try it out.  After two weeks using the 24/7 moisture and the cleanser, my skin was clearer, smoother, and more even toned than it had been in a LONG time.

I was equally impressed with the Rose Glow eye balm and the sheet masks.  I love a good sheet mask for the ritual and forced relaxation.  But these also had the benefit of instantly calming my dry, irritated skin.  The eye balm kept me looking awake and fresh when the work day seemed to be dragging along.


Chill Mood Eye Patch

Wait, didn’t I just rave about a sheet mask?  What is so special about these? Cannabis seed oil.  It relieves irritated skin and soothes inflammation.  These are the best eye patches I have tried to date.  There are plenty out there that feel nice and pack a ton of hydration, but these patches target puffiness and treat them.  I am already on my second package these.  I also love that they feel cool to the skin without having to remember to put them in the fridge.


Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation

I have been looking for a replacement for my Mac Pro Longwear foundation that is sadly discontinued.  This foundation reminds me of the MAC with one difference; instead of a matte finish, it has a natural/satin finish.  I did not like this foundation the first time I used it (I used way too much).  It fell off my face and pilled.  I tried again the next day using 1/3 of the amount, and WOW.  My skin looked glow without looking shiny and it lasted ALL day.


Jade Roller

This isn’t new to me.  Sometime last year I fell of the wagon and stopped using this.  No idea why.  Anyway, I started reaching for this again this month and my eyes have been SO HAPPY.  Reduced the puffiness from the dry air, and it just has such a nice cooling sensation.


Berry Burst Shadow Palette

I have a fear of using my eye shadow palettes.  This year I am forcing myself to at least use my palettes on a regular basis.  This one is LOVE.  There are both cool and warm tones and the whole palette gives a bright eye look.  I found there to be very little to no fallout too.


‘Wet’ Shampoo

I found 2 new shampoos this month and I am so happy!  The Garnier Treat line and the R +Co Dallas shampoos are amazing, and my hair is so happy.  I alternate both of these and have found my hair to be more manageable and fuller without being weighed down.


Dry Shampoo

I have used both the Dry Bar and Living Proof dry shampoos for EVERRRRRRR.  If you total up how much $$$ that is, it ain’t pretty.  On a whim I tried the Batiste Dry Shampoo (Brunette) and WOW, I have been missing out.  I was able to go 3-4 days between washes…which for me is UNHEARD OF.  I have ridiculously oily hair and this is one of the only things that has actually counteracted that.


Texturizing Spray

A month ago I asked for recs for keeping a curl in my hair longer than an hour.  Since having Brandon, my hair has decided that it’s natural curls or straight.  That wasn’t gonna fly with me.  So many people recommended Kristen Ess’ Texture Spray and once again, this stuff blew me away.  I spray it on before curling and my curls HOLD.  All.  Day.


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