January #yearof5finds Roundup

I’ll be real with you.  This wasn’t so hard.  WHAT!?  Really though, it wasn’t, at least not yet.  January is the month of all the big markdowns; end of season sales, the gifting dwindles down, and really, there’s not a big all-out holiday, so if I was going to start this in any month, January was the way to go.  Instead of spending my time buying a ton of end of season steals that I would probably only wear once, I focused on adding pieces I loved.


This new shopping way of life is forcing me to be selective, and I like it.


Let’s chat for a minute about what I am doing before we get to the goods.  Early on I made some executive decisions on what was considered fair game and what would be excluded.  The bulk of things are included:

  • Everyday clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories (hats, scarves, belts, etc) I purchase
  • Items that are grouped consistently (sweat set, lounge set) may count as one item
  • Gym clothes
  • Outerwear
  • Swimsuits

I thought long and hard about these exclusions and ultimately decided what would work best for me:

  • Suits – I have the type of ‘luck’ where I would need a suit for work last minute and would have already purchased 5 items.  I can force this being a stressor, so let’s just remove that for this year
  • Makeup/Skincare – I could buy 5 things for a client in one day, so that just wouldn’t work for me
  • Gifted items – More than likely a gifted item will replace something I purchased for myself, but in the event it doesn’t…


And now for January’s Finds!

Sweater Lounge Set

I think this was the biggest surprise.  The quality is above what I would expect for the price; it wears and. washes well.  And it’s so cozy.  I fought myself on this one, but I am glad I purchased this.  I’ve worn this (together) almost daily.

Puff Sleeved Sweatshirt

I showed restraint with this one.  I saw a few people sporting a sweatshirt similar to this one (but at a higher price) and I immediately loved it.  I have a small weakness for a statement sleeve.  Anyway, I searched for the sweatshirt and could not find it in stock in my size.  ANYWHERE.  Crushed, I went to bed, dreamt about a puff-sleeved sweatshirt, and awoke to an email with a link to this one.  It’s mine now.

Boiler Jumpsuit

When my friend Mallory sent me a message with her wearing this, I was intrigued.  Being tall, jumpsuits like this are hard.  But Mallory is tall, so maybe it would work.  On my next Target trip, I decided to try it on MOSTLY for fun and to send her a photo back of a significant camel toe.  No camel toe.  Instead, it was comfortable and hugged perfectly.  Is it versatile?  NOPE!  But I am ok with it.

Multi-print Sneakers

These came in the last week of January and I managed to wear them 5 of those 7 days.  Double animal print and a pop of neon?!  ALL IN.

Moto Booties

These boots have been haunting me for a few months.  I saw them on another blogger in October and loved them.  Decided to buy them and they were sold out.  This repeated THREE times until I decided in late December to move on.  Then in January the elusive restock happened…. and for half off!


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