What I Spent My Money On – 2019 Favorites

Do you have a favorite fashion trend of 2019?

Somehow we all made it to 2020.  I know, I am still in shock.  There were some definite highs (hello, skirts) and so even more definite lows for me.  Today, I am bringing you a round up of my favorite fashion of 2019.  And since I like to be balanced, I am also bringing you a few of the things I did not like.


Let’s kick this off with my favorite risk I took all year.  If you scroll through instagram or Pinterest, you will see feed after feed sporting wide brim hats.  I was convinced that they work for everyone, everyone except me.  Then it happened; I plopped a wide bring straw hat on my head while waiting in line.  And I fell in love.


Your Parent’s Jeans

Not really.  I remember the original mom jean.  Lee brand, no stretch, pleated.  Not a good look.  (Seriously, think SNL sketch). Luckily, the mom jean trend has been spun to be high waisted and FLATTERING.  I love them because they are the perfect blend of high waisted and boyfriend jeans; two of my already favorite cuts.

Pleated Skirts



Animal Prints

Graphic Tees


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