This Changes Everything?

Friends, we’ve managed to make it to a new decade somehow and I am not quite sure how I feel about it yet.  You see, I really likes the ‘teens.  I had a ton of fun and I grew up… A LOT.  So now that we roll into a new decade, what happens next?  Everything changed when that clock struck midnight, right?  Hopefully not.


Some time ago I stopped making New Years resolutions.  As someone who is prone to self-judgment and criticism, it was a way I could set myself up to fail for the year and then degrade myself for failing.  Win-win, right?

So I pivoted.

I began identifying words I wanted to live by for the year.  My first year was ‘fearless.’  I even got on an airplane…TWICE!  The second time it was ‘beautify’ – guys, I did so much yard work that year.  Lats year I went with ‘simplify’ and that was HARD.  I am not even sure I was successful because my life is NOT simple.


Early in December I started thinking about what I wanted my corner of the internet to be; really, this boils down to who I want to be.  A word kept forcing its way into my head.  A word that makes sense not only for this space, but in my larger world.




I’ll let that sit for a minute.


What the hell am I even talking about?!

Behind every post, every share, every piece of advice, I want you to know there is a purpose and a meaning.  There is intent.  I would be lying if I said this word will be easy.  Do I want 3 of the same sweater in 3 very similar, yet different colors? Sure!  Do I want YOU, my readers, to think that this is normal, or some ideal to live by?  No.  Not even a little.  I love a good sale.  I love to go into a store and try on new trends.  And, I REALLY love shoes.  None of that changes.  But it’s through a new lens.  A lens of more is not more; contentment and accountability.

There’s a lot to unpack on this topic; more than can feasibly fit into one ‘New Year, New Me’ style blog post.  And honestly, everyone is probably hitting publish on theirs simultaneously, and that’s overwhelming too.  Heres what you can expect from me this year:

  • Budgeting- the good, bad, and in between
  • More Why and less What
  • Shopping your Closet (including filling in the blanks)
  • Failure.  Y’all, it’s bound to happen!


I’m being intentional and keeping this vague, because I need to go fill my fridge with vegetables before I lose my mind-and I am out of time!

Walking away from 2019 like…


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