Makeup Monday – The Hangover

So, about last night….

Who else’s skin has been having a stressful holiday season?  Today I am sharing with you how I look fresh and well rested when I am neither of those things.  Holiday parties, late nights, and lots of libations are the norm this time of year and they all contribute to skin that is hungover.  Real talk: if I didn’t have to leave my house, I would be wearing a thick layer of Aquaphor around to combat dryness.

If you do nothing else, WASH YOUR FACE!  I mean it.  If you can muster up the strength to at least remove your makeup before you hit the sheets, this alone will save your skin.  I do this HALF the time.  I always find it helps!


Here are my other tips for the day after

•Use eye masks for 10 minutes before putting on makeup-bonus: put them in the fridge.  This will reduce puffiness!

•Use a BB or CC cream in lieu of foundation.  BB and CC creams are more hydrating than foundations and provide you with color and even pigmentation.

•Cream or liquid products are your friend! 

•Use powders sparingly-this is not the time to ‘bake’ your undereye

•Keep the tones of your makeup bright and fresh.  If you must do a smoky eye, only do your top lid.  This will brighten and lift your face.

•Use an illuminating primer to help your skin glow


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