Holiday Gift Guide for All

I am back with another round up of tried and true gifts anyone on your list is sure to love.  I, or someone in my family who I trust, have each of these and can recommend them for literally ANYONE.

  1. My husband can’t find his keys and wallet anywhere from 1-6 times a day.  He has even called me while at work to see if I remember were I saw them (and I usually do!).  I have tried adding a basket by the door, putting hooks up, EVERYTHING, he still can’t find them!  I gifted these to him a few years ago and he loved them.  This set has 2 types; one for a key chain and one for a wallet.
  2. Last year I set up an audible account for my daughter.  She loves being able to listen to her favorite books during car trips while also knitting.  She does not love all the other noises, baby included, that also go along with car trips, and her headphones don’t work with her device!  Enter these.  They work as a transmitter between your device or tv and wireless headphones.  Amazing!
  3. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t recommend a Yeti.  I was not convinced it would live up to the hype, after all, I already had a Hydroflask and that worked well!  I was wrong.  It kept my coffee hot for HOURS!
  4. If you like to keep your house tidy but don’t like to vacuum, this is for you.  I love my robot, we call her Rosey, and so will you.  There are a few big names in the robot realm.  This one has a large bin, learns your room, and doesn’t get help up by a sock or toy in its way.
  5. I don’t normally gravitate towards gloves, unless I am skiing.  In order to answer a call, I have to take them off.  Need to look up directions on a phone, take them off.  These are not only universally stylish for all, but they also have special tech so you don’t have to remove them to use tech!
  6. Back to vacuums for a minute.  I was so thrilled to get one of these.  They are light, have amazing suction, and they hide on a wall.
  7. I am always looking for a way to make dinner EASIER.  I love my crock-pot, but it’s HUGE.  This has a smaller profile and it doubles as a pressure cooker (And steamer/rice cooker/you name it) all while saving space.
  8. I am very conscious about the amount of paper I use. AND I also NEED to write everything down with a pen.  This notebook is reusable and sends your notes directly to your email.  I love it!
  9. This is not for the faint of heart.  I have dealt with back and hip pain for years.  One thing that has always helped me is pressure point release.  My husband got this for me a few years back and it has helped with everything from migraines to back pain.
  10. Vans are a classic shoes that anyone can wear.  They come in multiple styles for all.  These are fully customizable so you can have a monochromatic look or a full pop of color.
  11. I finally did this a year ago and I have loved learning so much about my family and where we came from.
  12. These are the ultimate gift.  They do not fall out at any point, including during a run, and they don’t overpower your ears with sound.  Already have these?  Grab the a case so they can tell theirs apart!


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