Holiday Gift guide for Kids and Babes

Ah, the kiddos.  For me, they are the best part of the holiday season.  For them, it’s all about fun; no stress!  They are also so easy to get stumped on and go over you budget on.  In my house, we **try to follow the 4 gift rule of something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read.  But that doesn’t mean the gifts have to be BORING!

  1. Let’s talk about my favorite toy as a kid.  I still remember seeing these stacked in the family room on Christmas morning.  Santa brought them for the house, and they were seriously, THE BEST imaginary play item.  We made houses, a swimming pool, a cave, and a spaceship.
  2. We try to have a game night once a week.  We also try to keep the games active.  This is an old stand by that always has one of us laughing.
  3. Brandon is OBSESSED with this puzzle.  There is an option to have sound to help guide or silent.  I think this has bought me 20-30 minutes of ‘free time’ while he play, and laughs.
  4. I had to solicit my daughter’s advice for some of her favorites.  These are an LOL meets Hatchimal.  She swears they are so fun, and the packaging isn’t excessive.
  5. Baby Shark has to come into play, right?  This plushy plays Baby Shark (so you don’t have to) and there are no buttons to have to fidget with!
  6. Scout has been Brandon’s best friend for a year.  This dog is great for an infant and a preschooler. It’s also programmable for your babe’s favorites and name!
  7. I wish this had existed when Lily was younger.  She had a toy vacuum that sucked up plastic balls. This guy actually cleans your floors.  Imaginative play AND a clean hallway?  YES PLEASE!
  8. If you are nervous about an actual vacuum, this set of cleaning toys is a great choice.  I loved these when Lily was younger.  We would sweep and mop the family room for hours!
  9. I’ll be real with you.  These make me nervous.  I remember when this was on Lily’s list and I just could NOT go through with it.  Luckily, her grandparents did and she has been cruising since.  There are a lot of scooters.  This one is adjustable for multiple ages, and isn’t covered in plastic or characters.  Lily has had hers for 5 years now and still yes it.
  10. If you have a kid obsessed with magic, this is so fun!  I like it because it’s something they need you for.  You can help them create a wand and have fun with them!
  11. Back to the youngins.  I love a good puzzle, and this doubles as a ride on, so more bang for your buck!
  12. All ages. (yes even adult) love a crawling tunnel.  We have one and it is used on the daily.  You won’t regret this!
  13. Do you know how much a Lego hurts to step on?  Me too.  That’s why I love these.  Building Tys without the pain?  I’ll take em.  They also are magnetized, so no breaking a nail trying to pry a piece apart!



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