Winter Fab Fit Fun Box Review

Subscription boxes may be a weakness of mine.  Remember when they first came out and they were the Uber-tiny sample sizes?  Me too.  I discovered FabFitFun about 5 years ago (honestly can’t remember when because it was THAT long ago) and have not looked back since.

FabFitFun is a seasonal box (4X/year).  The Winter 2019 FabFitFun box is AMAZING!  The box cost is $49.95  (save $10 with code WINTERFUN) and has well over $300 worth of products.  Plus just look at how cute it is under the tree!


Well let’s just start this box off on a high note, shall we?  A planner!  I LOVE paper planners.  There is something so gratifying about putting pen to paper and mapping out my life.  I am STOKED for this one!

The FabFitFun crew always includes a few beauty finds that I have had my eye on or intrigue me.  This go round they offered a Makeup Eraser and a waterless brush cleaner, Color Switch.  Both of these promos to streamline your beauty routine.  I can’t wait to try them both!

Ok, the box just gets better and better.  I have been wanting to try R+Co haircare for MONTHS now.  Counting down the days til wash day so I can lather up with these!

Speaking of hair care… before I had Brandon, I was a regular at DryBar.  Now, I am lucky enough if I have time to get my hair all the way dry.  BUT what I do remember is how GOOD the Pep Rally detangled smelled and how well it worked on my perpetually tangled tresses.

As always, FabFitFun hit it out of the park with their bath products.  The first is a coffee body scrub.  Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer an earthier scent to my body scrubs.  The next is a lavender epsom body wash.  I regularly soak in Epsom salts, so this should be a welcome change.

FACE MASKS!  I am a sheet mask lover.  I really have never tried a bad one (unless you count one that was dried up!).  This set is T W E L V E masks (6 eye; 6 face).  I have one on right now.  I feel so relaxed!

This is wear the FabFitFun wins me over every time.  The boxes are seasonally appropriate and always include something you are really going to use.  This time it’s a hat and fingerless gloves.  But not just any random ones, they are Rebecca Minkoff.  Pom hats are a great way to keep warm and look put together in the winter.

Lastly, are these COZY animal print lined cable knit slippers.  WHOA thats a mouthful.  They are roomy enough for larger feet, and the fluffy insides allow for smaller feet to not feel overwhelmed.  And they are so so soft.

FabFitFun also offers up to 70% off add-ons and frequent allowances to customize your box!  Sign up for FabFitFun HERE and don’t forget to use WINTERFUN to save yourself $$$$



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