Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Anyone else have an unspoken competition with their spouse during the holiday season?  Me too.  After the wrapping paper is cleaned up and the cinnamon rolls are consumed, we proclaim one of us the winner.  All the years I have won, I have stuck to a formula of comfy basics, fun, and upgraded staples.

  1. The coziest thermal – This is my husband’s favorite cozy thermal.  Comfy enough to wear a home and nice enough to wear paired with a vest for some outdoor fun.
  2. Magnetic holder – I love a good home project.  I especially love the ones I can hand off.  This screw and nail holder will help your man get that list done faster, and with minimal help.
  3. Grooming kit – When I was younger, this was on my dad’s list every year.  This is great for the traveler or the man who always needs a smooth face.
  4. Super Nintendo – Elder millennials will swoon over this.  All the classics in one console, a no blown on the cartridge!
  5. Comfy Sneakers – These sneaks are incredible!  They feel like a comfortable trainer but look sleek enough to wear out to a casual dinner.
  6. Bluetooth hat – Runners, outdoor enthusiasts, and stroller dads alike all need a hat they can pair with their iTunes subscription.  These come in so many colors, but I am liking this 90’s grunge pattern and color way.
  7. Hair Clippers – My husband told me to put these on here.
  8. Loungewear – Another cozy basic, these joggers and sherpa zip-up are so soft and wear well.  I grab new ones every year and the hubs wears them forever!
  9. Fun socks – Truth be told my husband has repeatedly asked me to stop buying him novelty socks.  But now that I know he isn’t a fan, I feel the need to go out of my way to find him ironic ones like these.  They even come in a pizza box!
  10. Cool guy shades – The men in my life have a hard time spending money on themselves.  My husband has had numerous pars of cheap sunglasses; spoiler, they break.  These are a classic style that suits any face shape.
  11. Drill bits – Actual quote from my husband: “You can never have too many drill bits.”  All drill bits wear down with repetitive use.  These have lasted us for YEARS, and we use them a lot!
  12. Brewmaster – For the beer lovers, this kit is a great way to start brewing your own recipe.  Pair it with some custom beer steins too!
  13. All weather slippers – Elevate his slippers with these soft, durable ones.  These can be worn outside (no excuses not to take out the trash), have amazing cushion, and are so durable!

Happy shopping!


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