Holiday Gift Guide for Teens & Tweens

I always thought having a tween meant stressing out over what she would like.  Turns out it’s the opposite (at least for this year).  When I let it slip that I was putting together gift guides for her age group, Lily gave me LIST of everything that she wanted and is ‘cool.’

  1. Wall Organizer – This is the perfect gift for any busy teen.  Bulletin board for mementos, calendar for social activities, weekly planner for tasks, and a doodle board.  If they ask, just tell them it’s retro!
  2. Portable Phone Charger – I have a love/hate relationship with my daughter’s phone.  I love that we can get in touch at any time.  I hate that it always seems to be at 20% battery.  This portable charger works quickly and isn’t so small that it will get lost!
  3. Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit – Want a way to connect without seeming like you’re nosy?  Harry Potter.  We play this once a week in our house and it’s a great way to trigger conversation.
  4. Backpack – Just like when I was a teen, backpacks (especially mini ones) are all the rage.  I love this brand.  They were designed to be effortlessly cool.  And they come in so many colors.
  5. Art Supplies – Tech is everywhere; it’s nice to take a step back.  Your teen may roll their eyes at this, but I can assure you, they will love these once you turn your back.  This brand of pencils is my personal favorite.  Soft, bendable, and come in a range of colors.
  6. Bluetooth Speaker – Teens and tweens alike will love this speaker.  This pairs seamlessly with any device, is waterproof, and portable.  Great for any tween who likes to have aspartame’s party in the tub or sing at the top of their lungs in the shower.
  7. Instant Camera – Before cell phones, digital cameras, and advantix, there were instant cameras.  They took forever to process and the quality was terrible.  Flash forward and that is now a desirable, go figure.  There are a few instant cameras on the market, but this one has the best film and picture accessories.  SO RETRO!
  8. Hydroflask – For every VSCO girl and boy.  Just add stickers!
  9. Mario Party – For those of us with gamers… I don’t play video games, but everyone else in my house does.  This game is fun for all ages and has multiple ‘parties’ you can play depending on levels, time, and players.
  10. Scrunchies – Have you heard about how cool scrunchies are again?  I hear it daily.  They can be worn as a hair or wrist accessory, and traded.  This set has a whole wardrobe of scrunchies to fit any mood.
  11. Pura Vida Bracelets – These charitable bracelets come in so many colors and options.  Lily says that rainbows are very cool, but if that’s not your thing, there is even the option to give the gift of a monthly bracelet club.
  12. Slippers – These OG Steve Madden slippers are at the top of someone’s list over here.  Fluffy and loud, these are perfect for cozying up.
  13. Sneakers – Chucks are perennially cool.  If you are lost, grab a pair of these and some fabric markers so they can personalize them!


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