Makeup Monday – Get Ready with Me!

Years ago I had a YouTube channel.  You know, back before people had 6 million followers and were hating on each other.  Anyway, I posted tutorials, reviews, and rants.  And then one day I deleted it all.  I regretted it instantly.  Flash forward to 10+ years later and I am back with my first full face look.

This achievable makeup look is my go to when I want to up the drama and don’t want to look over done.  What’s the secret? BLEND BLEND BLEND!



And the hair!


I’ll be breaking this down over the next few weeks with some really helpful hints.  Happy viewing!


Primer –

Foundation (2W2)

Concealer (Snow and Honey)

Under Eye Powder –

Eye Primer –

Eye Base (Bad to the Bronze) –

Eye Shadow Palette –

Eye Liner –

Setting Powder –

Bronzer (Dark Chocolate) –

Highlighter (Exposed) –

Blush –

Brown Pen (Lingering) –

Brow Set (Girl Boy) –

Mascara –


Sponge ––s42rC1JQ

Brushes – and

Eyelash Curler –


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